Sunday 29 May 2016

Suite for solo viola (1954) Douglas Lilburn
     Aidan Verity (viola)

Septet, 'wave-rock-beat' (1988, rev. 2011) John Elmsly
     Calvin Scott (oboe), Karlo Margetic (clarinet), Laura Barton (violin), Lucy Gijsbers (cello), Jonathan Berkahn (piano), Reuben Jelleyman (percussion) and Fraser Bremner (percussion), conducted by Robert Caldwell

For Harry (1977) David Farquhar
     Aidan Verity (viola), Jake Church (guitar), Simon Eastwood (doublebass)

The Voice of Experience (2000) John Elmsly
     John Elmsly (piano) and electronic sounds

Les Moutons de Panurge (1969) Frederic Rzweski
     Iain Gordon (mandolin), Karlo Margetic (clarinet), Aidan Verity (viola), Lucy Gijsbers (cello), Stephen Clothier (piano), Jonathan Berkahn (accordion), Joe Gorman (organ) and SMP Personnel and audience (percussion/toys)

Dialogue II (1988) John Elmsly
     Patrick Hayes (clarinet) and Stephen Clothier (piano)